Giant Kitchen Island Installation

Giant Kitchen Island Construction - Cabinetry Green - John Hartman - Modern Lakehouse Lake Clearwater Indianapolis - Derek Mills, WERK Building Modern, HAUS Architecture For Modern Lifestyles

11 November 2017 (Indianapolis) – Giant kitchen island installation at Modern Lakehouse at Lake Clearwater in Indianapolis coming along very well.

This kitchen is going to be incredible thanks to the visionary client, most-excellent cabinet-maker (Cabinetry Green), and architect (HAUS).  The new giant kitchen island centers on the new south-facing dormer indicated in this photo.  We plan to paint the giant dormer interior window trims dark grey/black to compliment what will be a black back counter and cabinetry.  The island finish is predominantly white oak with gloss white cabinet doors and a white quartz top.  The tower cabinets on the far wall include built-in refrigerator and appliance garage concealed by hinge-slide doors.