Dezeen Magazine Features WERK Project

Dezeen Magazine Features WERK project in January 2018 – thanks to our partners, HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles, and our clients, Kevin and Rachelle Swan.  Let’s not forget the many craftspeople and suppliers for the project that made it happen – THANK YOU!  Check out the article link right here.

Lakeside Modern Cottage

We are happy to report that our Lakeside Modern Cottage is actively underway in Unionville, IN on the northside of Lake Lemon.  You have to see the before shots of this complete transformation (we will be sharing soon).  Our clients are really having fun with the project and totally going for it not just with the design concepts, but with the details and materials, too!  We are so lucky to be able to work on modern dream homes every day (design + construction)!

Modern Lakehouse Giant Kitchen Island Installation

Modern Lakehouse at Lake Clearwater in Indianapolis construction progress is coming along meticulously.  This week the new giant modern kitchen island took steps toward on-site completion.  This kitchen is going to be incredible thanks to the design team (HAUS) and the most excellent kitchen cabinet-maker (John Hartman with Cabinetry Green out of Fishers).  The new kitchen is centered on the new south-facing dormer indicated in this photo.  Dormer and window trims will be painted dark grey/black to compliment what will be a black back counter and cabinetry.  The island finish is predominantly white oak with gloss white cabinet doors and a white quartz top.  The tower cabinets on the far wall include built-in refrigerator and appliance garage concealed by hinge-slide doors.

Architect-Led Design-Build

Architect-Led Design-Build:  A new model for Architecture … check out this article in The News Observer about architect-led design-build and its advantages.


Copperwood Field Coordination

Copperwood Field Coordination is progressing through the cold weather – Derek coordinating design details with framing crew.  The retractable hood came in handy – and it’s definitely a good look!  See project portfolio here.

Modular vs Site-Built Debate

We are saving this article for future reference – Modular vs Site-Built construction techniques.  What can the United States learn from European Modular Construction Techniques?

In two provocative pieces, here and here, George Casey looks at the “200-year-old industry unimpeded by progress” as necessarily ready and ripe for technological and automation platforms as solutions for chronic labor and skills shortages, and unmanageable costs.

Butler Tarkington Addition

Ground is broken on significant remodel near Butler University’s campus.