Chatham Arch Renovation (2015)

This Chatham Arch Renovation located just steps from Massachusetts Avenue at 532 East Walnut received interior upgrades in 2015.  The original development, built around 2004, was ready for a refresh by new residents, and the team of HAUS + WERK was honored to assist.

After exploring a more comprehensive scope of work, we were able to negotiate a workable compromise of design + scopes/construction costs that included opening the main living space front-to-back, swapping kitchen and dining locations, updgrading the fireplace details, refinishing the preexisting wood floors, and upgrading the interior lighting and controls.   Upstairs, scopes of work were contained to a completely new Master Spa, complete with floating vanities, jetted tub, steam shower, hidden bathroom with pocket door, and custom tile details including linear shower drain.

Project Info:

Architecture/Interior Design (with client): HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles
Construction Management: WERK | Building Modern
Finish Photography: The Home Aesthetic


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