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Modular vs Site-Built Debate

We are saving this article for future reference – Modular vs Site-Built construction techniques.  What can the United States learn from European Modular Construction Techniques?

In two provocative pieces, here and here, George Casey looks at the “200-year-old industry unimpeded by progress” as necessarily ready and ripe for technological and automation platforms as solutions for chronic labor and skills shortages, and unmanageable costs.

Architect-Led Design-Build

Architect-Led Design-Build:  A new model for Architecture … check out this article in The News Observer about architect-led design-build and its advantages.


Chatham Arch Brownstone Interior Renovation Complete

Work is now complete for this Chatham Arch Brownstone Interior Renovation on Walnut Street just west of Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis.

Scopes included completely new kitchen-dining-living and master spa with new steam shower all designed to maximize natural light and functionality in this 10-year-old urban dwelling.  Results were unveiled at a recent political fundraiser.  Thanks to all the vendors and contractors who helped make it happen!  Stay tuned for more photos to come!


Geist Renovation Underway

Geist Renovation is underway, as we begin with, what else, opening up the space with a giant steel beam.  Check back for updates on this effort as we update this 1980s lakefront property for our client’s Modern Lifestyle!

Tinker Time – Indianapolis Monthly Feature

Check out the Indianapolis Monthly Article, “Tinker Time”, featuring our Broad Ripple Bungalow project.  If you want to see it in-person, participate in the 2016 AIA Architects Home Tour in October 2016.

New Modern House 1 Entry Bridge Progress

New Modern House 1 Entry Bridge Progress is on-schedule at #Copperwood.  Check the project page for the most up-to-date photos.

Knitted Poufs Rule the Nest

Check out this story about Knitted Poufs Rule the Nest – features a WERK | Building Modern’s Broad Ripple Bungalow project.

“Want to play the card of relaxation? Adopt soon, if not already, one of these rings and decorative poufs at the show, in a room, wherever you feel like it! They adapt to all spaces, prove highly practical in small apartment and combine with all styles. Solo, duo, trio, they become even extra furniture: coffee table, end table, bedside table, footrest, fireside … in wool, cotton, knitted, crocheted, braided, homemade, color sober or flashy , which you adopt? And for what purpose? A brief overview of their innumerable possibilities and places of residence.” – Article by Anne-Laure Sizun

Yellow Boots Making Rounds

Yellow Boots Making Rounds as heavy timber and crane arrive onsite #Copperwood.

POP ART Apartment Therapy

WERK | Building Modern Broad Ripple Bungalow POP ART Apartment Therapy featured in article.  Check out the link!

Framing Progress @Copperwood Speeds Forward

Recent Framing Progress @ Copperwood includes completion of main level floor decking and heavy timber columns.  Seven-person crew is making short work of it.  This week we received delivery of steel columns for main west-side canopy + special lumber order from American Pole & Timber which includes the 32′ long treated true 2×12 roof rafters and the timber for front entry bridge and extended Airstream canopy.  We expect shell to be weathered-in by late February 2016.  See project portfolio here.

Special Delivery - Framing Progress

Special Delivery – Framing Progress

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