WERK | Building Modern is a group of Indianapolis Custom Builders and Construction Managers (CM) helping clients BUILD highly personal, customized, detailed architecture and interiors; selectively working with progressive single-family residential and commercial clientele.

With whom is WERK a good fit?  WERK may be an excellent fit for anyone who has good taste, respects visionary + comprehensive design solutions solving their needs, and expects the construction follow-through to meet theirs and Architect’s design-intent.

Where is WERK not the best fit?  Anywhere that visionary + comprehensive design solutions are not a priority + cases where lowest-bid is top of the list.  Folks, we pride ourselves in being adaptable and negotiable within reason, and we are going to provide honest, transparent communication the entire way; that’s just our nature.  It’s important to be sure up-front that we have an excellent client-CM fit and aligned expectations so that we can be most successful during the course of the project.

What We Care About:  We care about great design and follow-through of our Clients’ goals and dreams and subsequently the Architect’s design-intent.  If the client and design-team have made considerable efforts to design something great – and we have an equitable budget to cover the level of agreed quality – then the construction follow-through and attention to detail has to be equally superb and “as-specified”.

Why are we so mindful of the details? … probably because we are the Architects who dreamed and designed them … and for that simple reason, we understand how the building goes together more than any other person or company possibly could.  Things come up during the construction process, and who better to efficiently respond to budget + field conditions to propose acceptable solutions during the construction process than the collaborative Client-Architect team who designed the project?  Good design starts with an idea, but only through proper and meticulous execution can that idea realize its full potential in built-form.  For our clients, we simplify a complex, multi-faceted building process.

If you care about excellent design and expert execution of design-intent, then WERK | Building Modern may be the perfect partner in the planning, management, and oversight of your building process from beginning to end.

We collaborate regularly with HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles in a design-build arrangement.


Chris Short – Owner/Principal – AIA, LEED AP BD&C, NCARB
Derek Mills – Project Management/Trade Collaboration
Paul Reynolds – Architect/Maker/Builder

Please call us to discuss the details of our process and how they may be tailored to meet your unique needs!


Phone:  317.652.2828
Email:  angle@werk-build.com
Address:  933 N Layman Avenue – Studio 1, Indianapolis, IN  46219